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Practice Attendance Guidelines


Part of the commitment implicit in participating in Team Sports is the expectation that players will attend all Team Practices and organized events. As part of our ongoing efforts to support our Head Coaches and to have a consistent practice attendance standard throughout the Chapter, we are implementing this policy. Coaches will be have some discretion in applying the rules below, however we strongly advise all Coaches to follow these guidelines in order to ensure that there is a strong sense of continuity in this key area.


Coaches are expected to share this Practice Attendance Guideline statement with their players and families as an indication of the importance of attending every practice. Communication between the Players and Coaches and in the turn, the Coaches and the Chapter is vital, both from an operational as well as a philosophical standpoint

Attendance Policy

  1. Any player absent for both league assigned practices in a week will sit out the upcoming game.

  2. Any player who misses more than 2 practices in a 4 week period will sit out the next game. This is to avoid a pattern of players continually missing 1 practice per week.

  3. All players must attend practice on time. If a player arrives more than 20 minutes late to practice then it is counted as a missed practice.

  4. School mandatory events or doctor excused illnesses (must provide doctor’s note to the Coach and Player Agent) will be considered an excused missed practices.

  5. The coach will immediately inform the Player Agent in the case that a
    player is sitting out of game due to missing practice.


These guidelines have been developed for the mutual benefit of our Coaches and players. In the event of a dispute, the Player Agent will act as an impartial mediator with the support of the Chapter Board of Directors.