Boys and Girls All Net Program and Tryouts

The following information is intended for Girls and Boys Division (not Rookie) players who would like to try out for the West San Jose NJB All-Net program.

The Boys All-Net program has All-Net (Select) teams for 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grades.  The All-Net program is for players who have a highly developed skill level.  All Net teams play other All-Net teams from other chapters in the South Bay.  The All Net Program follows regular high school rules, there is no guaranteed playing time.  The season consists of regular season games plus playoffs.

The Girls All Net program has teams for 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grades.  The league will be run in conjunction with Silicon Valley NJB Open Girls League. The games will be played against other Chapters with All Net Girls teams as well as Club/AAU teams.

Players who do not make All-Net teams are eligible to play in the Division program.  The schedule will be posted at a later date.

Players must be registered to Division to tryout for All-Net.  Players not registered must have prior approval from the WSJ Chapter Director to attend the tryout. There is no separate registration just for All-Net.

There is an additional cost to play All Net.  If your child is accepted to a team, the additional cost will be approx. $250.

What is All Net?

National Junior Basketball (NJB) Commissioner and Founder, Dennis Murphy Jr., established the All Net division of NJB in 1993. The goal of the All Net Department is to provide a competitive and organized environment that further enhances the fundamental skill sets of its participants, in preparing them for their respective high school level basketball program. It allows for a higher level of competition and operates under different premises than that of the Recreational (divisional) program. All Net is comprised of 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade divisions for both boys and girls when competitive teams can be formed.


West San Jose Chapter’s philosophy is that All Net is for the highest caliber players from the West San Jose area.  It gives the more advanced players a chance to play at a higher level than through our or any other local recreational program.  Playing on an All Net team is a privilege and something that our kids and coaches take great pride in achieving.


The great thing about All Net is that it is community based!  All Net Team Rosters usually carry 10 players. Players must be verified as living in the West San Jose boundary to try out for the All Net team.  Some teams can get waivers to add players that are from outside the boundary.  Please check the website for those rules.  This is by design and strictly enforced by our Chapters Board of Directors and NJB Headquarters. All Cities that have NJB Chapters have the same requirements and must abide by this.  The cost for All Net is more than Division because All Net teams are provided non-shared gym time, the season is longer, and there is the potential for travel to Los Angeles for the National Tournament.

Tryout Process

Volunteer All-Net coaches will run the drills for other grade levels.  Each tryout will be 55 minutes and will consist of individual skill drills and team scrimmages.  Players unable to attend the tryout must attend the make-up tryout during the weekday.  Players will then be invited to the final evaluation or Call Backs.  The final roster will be determined by the All-Net coaches after the callbacks and posted to the website.

All-Net Tryout schedule

If your child is selected for an All Net Team (4th and 5th Boys Only):

All-Net Makeups

There will be no All Net Makeups this season.  Please make an effort to attend the All Net Tryout

All-Net Final Callbacks

If the All Net Coaches deem it necessary West San Jose will hold a Final Callback for select players.  A list of players invited to All-Net Final Callbacks will be emailed out and posted on the website. Please make sure you check to find out if your player has been requested to attend callbacks. Parents/Players are responsible for checking the email/website. Spots are not held if players miss the call backs.

Final Team List

We will post the final All-Net teams on the West San Jose NJB website.   Players that do not make an All-Net team should attend Division Evaluations which will occur the following weekend.  All Net players will be invoiced shortly thereafter by the Treasurer and must pay within 3 business days to confirm their spot.  After 3 days, spaces that have not been paid for may open up to another player.