Registration is Now Open for 2022-23 Winter Season.

Please follow this link to register:

Boundary Map

NJB requires that players (with the exception of the rookie program) participate in their local chapter based on their home address. Please verify that you live within the West San Jose NJB boundary to register.

Link to Boundary Map


Please read the FAQ for registration and other questions regarding the various programs we have.


Registration does not guarantee a place on a team. Number of teams depends on availability of volunteer parent coaches. We strongly encourage parents to volunteer to coach.

Wait list

Once capacity is reached based on the number of teams we have, then the remaining registrations will be considered wait-listed. Wait-listed registrations will be taken off the list in order of registration based on these priorities:

  • Parents who volunteer to coach or be a Board member

  • Siblings of existing players

  • Returning WSJ NJB players

  • New players

Any player who does not get placed on a team will be fully refunded the week of October 22nd. This is after the Division teams have been announced on October 21st evening.

Non-parent Coaches

Teams with non-parent coaches are also responsible for a coach stipend which is approximately $150 per player.


If you withdraw from the season prior to walk-in documentation check, we will withhold a service charge of $50. This is due to the higher than average number of players who registered last season, and then ultimately determined not to play, which made it administratively difficult to complete registration and pull players off waitlist.

If you fail to attend walk-in documentation check, regardless of registration priority, we may place your player on waitlist.

If you withdraw from the season after walk-in documentation check and before Division evaluations, we will withhold a service charge of $75.

If you withdraw from the season after Division evaluations and before teams are formed, we will withhold a service charge of $100.

If you withdraw from the season after Division teams are formed, there will be no refund of fees. After teams are formed, and we have effectively waived waitlist players to other chapters, it is very difficult to balance the teams – therefore, the penalty for withdrawing is severe.

In certain circumstances (pre-season injury, made another chapter’s all net team), we will waive the service charges.

All Net tryouts

Any player who wishes to try out for All Net teams must first register for Division and attend the walk-in registration. Players who are not registered will not be allowed to tryout for All Net. Players who want to play for WSJ NJB and need a waiver will need to get one from their home chapter before attending the tryout. All Net will be available this season for grade 4 to 8 Boys, and grade 5 to 8 Girls.


Any player who wishes to request a waiver for another chapter must first register with West San Jose NJB within the registration period and attend the walk-in registration. Any registrations received after registration has closed will not be considered for a waiver, except in extraordinary circumstances. Players who we determine purposefully delay registration, so as to end up on the wait-list, or fail to register, or fail to attend walk-in documentation verification will not be granted waivers to other NJB chapters (this includes players who were granted one-time waivers in prior seasons)


All families are expected to fulfill a volunteer commitment of 4 hours minimum for the season. If you do not wish to volunteer, there is a volunteer buyout option for $100 per player that can be selected during the registration process.


You are eligible to register in either West San Jose or Saratoga chapters. We will not process waivers to the Willow Glen or the Los Gatos chapters except in extraordinary circumstances. WSJ has gyms in Campbell and Saratoga chapter practices at West Valley College which are both closer than the Los Gatos and Willow Glen chapter gyms. We have numerous Cupertino residents who live closer to Foothills gyms than WSJ gyms and they are not granted waivers to Foothills. Sectional NJB has established geographically boundaries (much like little league) which need to be observed and respected.