Registration is Now Open for 2023-24 Winter Season.  

Please follow this link to register:

Boundary Map

NJB requires that players (with the exception of the rookie program) participate in their local chapter based on their home address. Please verify that you live within the West San Jose NJB boundary to register.

Link to Boundary Map


Please read the FAQ for registration and other questions regarding the various programs we have.


You are eligible to register in either West San Jose or Saratoga chapters.  We will not process waivers to the Willow Glen or the Los Gatos chapters except in extraordinary circumstances.  WSJ has gyms in Campbell and Saratoga chapter practices at West Valley College which are both closer than the Los Gatos and Willow Glen chapter gyms.  We have numerous Cupertino residents who live closer to Foothills gyms than WSJ gyms and they are not granted waivers to Foothills.  Sectional NJB has established geographically boundaries (much like little league) which need to be observed and respected.