Financial Assistance

Please do not register at this time if you seek financial assistance because our system does not complete registration without payment. Instead after reading through the text below contact the chapter director.

As part of West San Jose NJB’s charter to reach the entire community, we have adopted a Financial Assistance Program (FAP) to make NJB available for lower income families.

To qualify a family must show need, which is demonstrated by providing evidence of Financial Assistance from a reputable social agency or government. As West San Jose NJB is not a social agency, we rely on and accept the judgment of School Districts, City Governments, Housing Agencies, and even other groups such as the YMCA. We do not decide on our own analysis, but accept the investigation of others.

Amongst the items we accept for showing need are letters of approval from:

  • School/District for reduced price or free lunch (or other meal)

  • City for discounted services for family (e.g., class or sports program voucher)

  • YMCA or other reputable group for reduced fees for programs

  • Government agency for financial assistance with Food or Housing

We want to see a copy of one of the above letters showing need in the last 6 months. Appropriate paperwork must be received by NJB prior to your child’s first practice.

This program does not extend to merchandise ordered, off-season clinics, or programs other than winter season basketball.

Please contact our Chapter Director at chapterdirector at to request financial assistance. While your request for FAP benefits is being processed, you must still complete registration as normal. FAP has no impact upon the priority of your child. West San Jose FAP benefits are strictly confidential and processed only by the Chapter Director and Treasurer. Due to the limited number of FAP benefits, please do not delay in contacting us.

If you would like to make a monetary donation for our FAP please contact the Chapter Director at chapterdirector at