Refund Policy

This page explains the West San Jose NJB refund policy.

Please note that in addition to our fee NJB National is charging a non-refundable membership fee during registration.

If you withdraw from the season before the Division Evaluations, we will withhold a service charge of $50. This is due to the higher than average number of players who register with the intention of only playing All Net.

If you fail to attend the Division tryout, regardless of registration priority, we may place the player on wait-list.

If you withdraw after Division evaluations and before teams are formed, we will withhold a service charge of $100.

If you withdraw after the Division teams are formed, there will be NO refund of fees. After teams are formed, and we have effectively waived wait-list players to other chapters, it is very difficult to balance teams – therefore, the penalty to withdraw is severe.

In certain circumstances (pre-season injury, made another chapter’s All-Net team), we will waive the service charges.