West San Jose NJB

Our season is over. Please visit Silicon Valley NJB for Spring, Summer and Fall seasons.

Team Schedules have been released.

Please see the schedule below. These schedules have been shared with your Coach/Team Manager. It is up to them to upload the schedule to SportsEngine. It is not possible to make schedule changes at this point. (Please note- some team names have been changed to match Section's master schedule). Please make sure you are looking at the correct schedule.

Team Schedule-WSJ NJB 2021-22

Rookie Teams Announced

11/10/2021 @ 11:03PM

Hello all, please see the Rookie rosters below. They are split into two divisions. Please note- Rookie Registration will remain open until all teams are full. We have roughly 15 open spots, mostly for 2nd and 3rd graders.

The Adidas Division will play on the 8ft hoops and the Nike Division will play on the regulation 10 ft hoops.

As you can see, two teams in the Nike Division do not have coaches. We need volunteers to coach these two teams so if you are interested please let me know right away. Over the next two days we will finalize the practice schedule with the coaches, load the team rosters into SportsEngine, and hopefully begin practice this Saturday. For the month of November we also have practice time available on Sunday. We will strongly encourage coaches to take advantage of that extra practice time.

The rookie game schedule will be posted after the Division schedule is posted, closer to Thanksgiving. All games will take place on Sunday mornings at Campbell School of Innovation. The season will start December 12th.

I tried to honor all teammate requests but recognize I may have missed a couple. Please let me know and we can make adjustments.



Adidas Division

Team 1- Coach Cochran

Caliq Jenkins

Isaac Olowoyeye

Miles Beadle

Alessio Sapre

Crew Cochran

Ian Fong

Christian Ford

Albert Hsieh

Team 2- Coach Plancarte

Harrison Wong

Noemi Plancarte

Garv Rajesh

Alice Leung

Leo Yang

Brian Zhou

Nila Siva

Matthew Willey

Leonardo Hu

Team 3- Coach Hazard

Ethan Woo

Ved Vyas

Krishav Iyer

Kellan Wilburn

Anisha Jain

Luca Teran

Harper Hazard

Aaden Tran

Aiden Chen

Team 4- Coach Agrawal

Winston Houng

Taiyo Shibata

Hari Sriram

Jairus Yeung

Nikhil Prasanna

Elliot Liu

Selina Chung

Shourya Sodhani

Aarav Saravanan

Nike Division

Team 1- Coach TBD

Harrison Cao

Nolan Yoon

Timothy Su

Ruhaan Gidwani

Atticus Hsieh

Kian Iskandar

Aditya Sistla

Advik Seker

Ray Feng

Team 2- Coach Fiore

Bradley Davis

Rylan Ko

Emory Yi

Robert Fiore

Krishang Khatri

Winston Lin

Justin Zhou

Joel Yeung

Ramin Sarwer

Walter Kimberling V

Team 3- TBD

Alofangia Sakalia

Nathan Yenamandra

Kris Yenamandra

Sean Stanley

Dylan Xie

Aarav Sharma

Oliver Park

Hassan Gurel

Eric Rodriguez

A Couple of Updates--

  • Practices Continue This Week- Some teams started practicing last week. For most teams practices will ramp up this week. Please keep in mind, recreational teams are guaranteed one practice per week. Any additional practices are based on gym availability.

  • Thank you for everyone that came out for Rookie Evaluations. It was a spirited group and we look forward to an exciting season. Rookie (K-3) rosters will be posted by Wednesday 1pm. We will need some coach volunteers once the rosters are set. Practices will take place on Saturdays (beginning 11/14), games on Sundays. The season should start 12.12.21, schedule will be posted prior to Thanksgiving.

  • If you are practicing at Campbell School of Innovation, please do not allow your players to bounce their basketballs in the parking lot. This is a very important request, we need to be sure not to disturb the neighbors.

  • All Rosters and Practice Schedules have been updated below. Please check and ensure your players name is listed below. Also, please take note of your team's practice schedule listed on the website.

  • Please download the SportsEngine app, we will use SportsEngine for practices and game schedules as well as team communication. All practice schedules have been added to Teamsnap accounts.

  • All players/parents playing on Competitive Division ($75) or All Net teams ($150) should have received an invoice for the additional funds to be paid for playing on one of those teams.

  • For the month of November, teams can practice on Sundays. This week (Nov 8-12) gyms are closed on Veteran's Day- Nov 11. Those teams will be given priority for practice time Sunday.

  • For all boys Division and All Net teams please direct further questions or inquiries to our new Boys Player Agent- Arun Gupta (arun.gupta@gmail.com). We are still in need of volunteers for the Board. Plenty of voting positions remain open.

  • High School registration remains open. We will have a workout for high school players in December. If you know players that are interested please have them reach out to West San Jose NJB for information. The NLP (high school program) is not boundary based.

Rookie Evaluation Schedule- November 7th at Monroe Middle School- Updated 11/04 @ 7:20pm

Session 1- Sunday 9:00 AM-10:00 AM

**Session 3**- Just added 12:00PM- 1:00PM

Session 2- Sunday 2:00PM-3:00PM

You can attend either session. You do not have to pre-register for the session. If you plan to coach or assistant coach a team, please attend both sessions.

Girl's Teams and Practice Schedules Announced. Updated 11/08 12:28am

Please see below and let me know if you have any questions.

WS8ASB01 Coach Alexis

Girls All Net 8th

Practice Schedule- Thu 830pm-10pm, Sat 5pm-630pm- Monroe Middle School

Akshita Badrinarayan

Lipika Iyer

Maya Kumar

Anjai Lloyd-Shattock

Eesha Muttineni

Jacqueline Robinson

Jessica Shaffer

Mia Yamamoto

Meena Yarlagadda

WSD1G01- Coach Alexis

Girls Division 1

Practice- Sat 330pm-5pm- Monroe Middle School

Maya Dumitrescu

Prisha Kaushik

Sariah Kazeem

Harshi Kolli

Sai Kulkarni

Joslin Lipovsky

Sophie Nadkarni

Mullai Shanmugam

WSD2G01- Coach Barriagar

Girls Division 2

Practice Schedule- Sat 11am-1230pm- Monroe Middle School

Gabriella Barrigar

Kate Belichick

Emma Dea

Emma Hensley

Melody Lin

Kaia McNeil

Raya Padover

Reva Prayag

Navyata Vaddavalli

Maddie Yang

WSD3G01- Coach Tony Lam

Girls Division 3

Practice- 6pm-730pm Monroe Middle School, Fri 6pm-730pm Campbell School of Innovation

Natalie Brush

Lauren Fiore

Shania Gosain

Shrinika Kalbhavi

Charlotte Lam

Oviya Shanmugam

Anya Subramaniam

Alexandra Wiley

Division Boys Teams Posted- Update 11/08 @ 12:28AM

WSD3B03 Coach Monica Bunn-

Recreational Division

Practice Schedule- Monday 6pm-730pm Campbell School of Innovation

Vihaan Ahuja (DOB 05/12)

Cannon Jefferson

Dylan Lee

Jason Liu

Patrick Meng

Brody Methe

Adwait Patil

Justin Rowe

Daniel Wang

Yichen Wu

WSD3B02 Coach Audrey

Recreational Division

Practice- Monday 6pm-7:30pm

Campbell Middle School

Saturday 1pm-2:30pm Monroe Middle School

Joshua Borden

Boheng Fanjiang

Damien Hsia

Tristan Janssen

Miks Kampenuss

Joshua Minor

Suhaas Rangarajesh

Nicholas Rossi

Blake Sakurai

Michael Xiao

WSD3B01 Coach- Mounir Gad

Recreational Division

Practice Schedule- Wed 630pm-8pm Salvation Army Citadel

Ajayveer Dulay

mounir gad

Edan Gant

Moises Garcia

Adithya Gopinath

Finneas Harlan

Chace Honore

Samuel Jimenez

Luke Romero

Jack Watson

WSC3B02 Coach- Tim Lin

Competitive Division

Practice- Tue, Fri 6-730pm

Campbell School of Innovation

Vihaan Ahuja (DOB 10/12)

Ishaan Athreya

Akhil Dommeti

Eric Guan

Rohan Jairam

Avi Joshi

Anthony Luo

Sola Shibata

Jonathan Xu

Allen Zhang

WSC3B01 Coach- Donny Young

Competitive Division

Practice- Thu, 6-730pm Campbell Middle School

Saturday- 12:30pm-2pm Monroe Middle School

Brandon Chen

Miles Chin

Jonah Dupre

Ronan Kavanagh

Liam Lu

Nathan Shin

Trevor Uyehara

Hubert Yang

Louis Young

WSD2B02 Coach Monica Bunn

Recreational Division
Practice Schedule- Mon 730pm-9pm Campbell School of Innovation

Arjun Apte

Rishabh Sudharsan

Peyton van de Sande

Aadish Vignesh

Tyler Wang

Keanu Wong

Joseph Zhang

WSD2B01 Coach Vijay

Recreational Division

Practice- Wed 7:30pm-9pm

Campbell Middle School

Ayaan Borthakur

Varshith Kumar Cheedalla

Caden Chen

Timothy Georgiev

Johnny Hernandez

Kingsley Liao

Jayden Poon

Roshan Raju

Rohan Samdadiya

Akshaj Vijay

WSC2B01 Coach Willie

Competitive Division

Practice- Tue-Thu 7:00pm-8:30pm Monroe Middle School

Arnav Dasari

Matt Fu

Matthew Gee

Mikito Ishizuka

Colden Jefferson

Saurya Kommareddi

Rishith Nambiar

Michael Peters

Vikram Rajagopalan

WSD1C01 Coach- Uzoma "Zoom"

Competitive Division

Practice- Mon-Wed 830pm-10pm

Monroe Middle School

Ishaan Ahuja

Sudhanva Belur

Suhas Chaganti

Meher Khurana


Edison Roe

Parth Samdadiya

Dev Sen

Damon Uyehara

Kavin Venkatesan

WSD1C02 Coach- Uzoma "Zoom"

Competitive Division

Practice- Mon-Wed 830pm-10pm

Monroe Middle School

Patrick Do

Angel Garcia

Aaryan Kansara

Jagjot Narang

Thomas Ogi

Hannan Syed

Jayden Tran

Shayan Umair

Cade Van Hook

Kavin Venkatesan

WSC1B03 Coach- Roland

Competitive Division Practice- Mon 730pm-9pm Campbell School of Innovation

Sohan Mohanty

Krishna Muddu

Ehran Namer

Ashwin Naren

Arnav Raghavan


WSC1B04 Coach- Kyle Maxwell

Competitive Division

Practice- Tue 730pm-900pm Campbell School of Innovation; Thu 7pm-830pm

Monroe Middle School

Shreyus Bobde

Ethan Cordero

Rohan Kaura

Tucker Maxwell

Cole Nakashima

Landon Rodriguez

Manu Shyam

Jacob Torres

Jayden Walsh

Ethan Tao

WSC1B05 Coach- Fred Barrigar

Competitive Division

Practice- Wed 7-830, Sat 11-1230

Monroe Middle School



Tanay Belwadi

Leo Gin

Evan Mahimainathan

Luke Sharp

Trey Sherman

Matthew Siu

Eashan Wahi

All Net Teams Boys Teams Posted- 11/08/2021 @ 12:29am

8th Grade Boys Coach Willie- WSA8B01

Practice- Tue-Thu 830pm-10pm Monroe Middle School

Tanush Agrawal

Mihir Gupta

Dhruv Karthik

Junren Li

Joshua Lim

Utkarsh Mahajan

Hashim Mahmood

Vivaan Soni

Sanjay Ulaganathan

7th Grade Boys Coach Desiree- WSA7B01

Practice-Wed 7pm-830pm, Sat 2pm-330pm- Monroe Middle School

Colin Ambrose

Krishna Anbuchelvan

Nathan Crawford

David Dupree

Chetan Aditya Reddy Kachana

Tomer Katzir

Spencer Maffeo

Ved Nath

Aaron Peng

Anton Sedic

Rohan Tiwari

Joseph Xiang

7th Grade Boys Coach Erin- WSA7B02

Practice- Tue 7pm-830pm Monroe Middle School, Sat 4pm-530pm Campbell School of Innovation

Raj Akunri

Jet Cheng

Rishi Dommeti

Travis Han

Kaio Icasiano

Ethan Pan

Brian Rong

Daichi Sagae

Isaiah Smith

Lucas Su

Nathan Yee

6th Grade Boys Coach Scott WSA6B01

Practice- Mon 7pm-830pm, Sat 8am-930am Monroe Middle School

Scott Beamish Jr

Bryan Ge

Ethan Ge

Parker Jacobs

Evan Johnson

Arjun Joshi

Jackson Keiser

Gaorui Xu

Kyle Fong

Luke Sakalia

Wyatt Smith

5th Grade Boys Coach Rob WSA5B01

Wed-Thu 730pm-9pm Campbell School of Innovation

Rushil Agrawal

Vyom Bhuta

Eric Gao

Jeremy Garcia

Abhay Kartha

Gautham Karthik

Sanjay Prasanna

Akshaj Vijay

Cody Yang

4th Grade Boys Coach Rob WSA4B01

Wed-Thu 6pm-730pm Campbell School of Innovation

Corey Chiang

Evan Cyrus

Mason Hipple

Nicholas Llamas

Jason Rong

Kein Su

Kevin Daniel Webster

Sebastian Wong

Sean Zhang

Chenhao Zhang

4th Grade Boys Coach Erin- WSA4B02

Fri 7pm-830pm Monroe Middle School, 230pm-4pm Campbell School of Innovation

Connor Chian

Dylan Fong

Morgan Hazard

Kaysan Verma

Eli Hsiao

Ankit Kotla

Connor Lee

Dominic Ojo

Victor Woo

Emmanuel Cruz

Competitive Division Tryouts

Location: Monroe Middle School

Oct. 31

9:00AM-9:45AM Competitive D3 (3rd and 4th grades) Session 1

10:00AM-10:45AM Competitive D2 (5th and 6th grades) Session 1

11:00AM-11:45AM Competitive D1 (7th and 8th grades) Session 1

12:00PM-12:45PM All Net/Competitive Division Girls Session 2

1:00PM-1:45PM Competitive D3 (3rd and 4th grades) Session 2

2:00PM-2:45PM Competitive D2 (5th and 6th grades) Session 2

3:00PM-3:45PM Competitive D1 (7th and 8th grades) Session 2

West San Jose Information Session- Tuesday Sep. 21-7:00PM PST

If you missed our Information Session Last Night, here is the link to view the presentation. https://youtu.be/hKqeRaOygNw


NJB winter season registration ends soon for High School - all other levels closed.

***New Changes for 2021-2022***

There will be two levels for Division this season.

The first level will be Competitive, which will be a step below All Net. This division will follow modified high school rules. There will be 4 quarters with 1 quarter of guaranteed playing time for all players.

The second level will be Recreational. Recreational is meant for players that are new to basketball or are considered Developmental players. There is one practice per week which makes it easier for players that have other commitments and activities to attend. This division will follow regular NJB rules. There will be 5 quarters with 2 quarters of guaranteed playing time.

The teams will be formed through the draft. Coaches selected will be chosen based on experience with previous NJB teams. Details for the formation of the teams will be available prior to the player evaluation workouts.

All Net will be converted to Open Division for Boys and Girls teams. All Net teams will no longer have to play within district boundaries and preformed teams are welcome. All Net will continue to follow high school rules with 4- 8 minute quarters.

Registration 2021-22

This season, we will be keeping the registration system open until all available slots have been filled.

Registration does not guarantee a place on a team. Number of teams depends on availability of practice gym space and coaches. We strongly encourage parents to volunteer to coach. If we have to bring in a paid coach parents will have to pay the coach's stipend.

Wait list: Once capacity is reached based on the number of teams we have, then the remaining registrations will be considered waitlisted. Waitlisted registrations will be taken off the wait list in order of registration based on these priorities:

  • Parents who volunteer to be a Board member or a coach

  • Siblings of existing players

  • Time-based on registration date/time

Any player who does not get placed on a team will be fully refunded after the first week of practice (first week of November). After all teams have been announced and any openings have been filled by available players.

Non-Parent Coaches:

If necessary, we will search for “stipend” non-parent coaches to supplement the parent coaches. Parent coaches will have priority for coaching teams. Parents of the stipend coach must pay the coach's stipend. (for example- For a ten player team, each parent will have to contribute two $75 payments to the coach's stipend. Once after the 3rd game of the season and at the end of the season).

Volunteer Commitment

West San Jose NJB is a parent run volunteer organization. Most parent volunteers have children playing in the program. The program thrives with the dedication of its volunteers. If you want to volunteer your time as a Voting Board member, administrator, Coach, or event volunteer please indicate your position- interest when you register your child. While each position is different most require no more than one to two hours per week of commitment, mostly responding to emails. The Open Positions with descriptions will be posted on the website. We will be posting details of a Zoom call in the near future to discuss the Open Positions and other league news.



About West San Jose NJB

West San Jose National Junior Basketball is a non-profit organization having separate boys and girls teams serving grades three through eight. We are a winter league and operate three different programs under the guidelines and bylaws of the Silicon Valley Section of NJB. The NJB program was founded by Dennis Murphy in 1985 and is based in Southern California.